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Always Shop Around Before Making a Big Purchase

Always shop around especially when you are purchasing something big. You will be surprised how the place you thought would be the most expensive isn’t, and the one you thought wouldn’t be is.  It is time to spay our German Shepherd puppy, and our veterinarian quoted us $576.  I was shocked because I had read that it was only about $200-$300.  I started shopping around. I called three other places.

  1. The first one was where I used to take my cats, and they said it would be about $440.
  2. Second place said $700
  3. The third was $1,115

I realized that my veterinarian estimate was not as bad as I thought it was but that meant that I needed more time to save.  Therefore, I pushed the procedure back to early July.

My sister always says that I am indecisive and never make a decision without taking forever to make it.  This is something that I’ve always admired about both my sisters.  However, I think the good thing about how I am is that I will call around to make sure that the estimate I have makes sense and it’s what I want to pay. 

Best ways to shop around is:

  1. Call the different companies and ask.  If they aren’t willing to give you an estimate, then you probably are better off not giving them your business
  2. Ask your friends, family, and friends
  3. Search online and even ask

Side note: I am also in shock how much it cost to spay a dog because I would think it would be less being that they are trying to make sure that there aren’t dogs having puppies unless they are being purposely being bred. There are low-cost spaying options, but it seems you have to submit an application.

shop around save money

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