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Three Ways I Am Battling Job Burnout

job burnout

Work burnout can happen to anyone.  Whether it be that you are working way too hard or it’s that you just don’t like your job, you have to be careful of this happening to you.  This can impact your health, your relationships, and your happiness.  The worst part of having a demanding job are dealing with clients who are impossible to satisfy.  Even worse than that, are the ones who don’t have a job unless it’s micromanaging everything that your team and you do.  It’s been a rough week with these clients, and so I am starting to burn out. I have decided that it’s time to do something before I say or do something that I will later regret, or even get me fired. 

Find a Hobby You Are Passionate

I’ve been nervous to tell anyone, but I started a podcast.  I have this macabre fascination with woman who have murdered a human being.  Men are usually what comes to mind when you think about serial killers.  Therefore, it’s always shocking when it’s a woman who has been doing the killing.  I also needed an escape.  This week has been exceptionally crazy, and having a hobby that I am passionate about has really helped me deal with the people who have made work extra hard. 

The name of the Podcast is called “Female Killers,” and I am trying to be consistent and post weekly.  With school and work, I have really needed this escape.   Please listen, subscribe, and share.  

Escape to Another Place or My Own

In the upcoming weeks, I am taking a solo trip.  Even if it’s only for a day, I need an escape.  This is the great thing about traveling.  You experience new things, learn about other areas, its food, and people. Traveling are also a great way to forget about the everyday stresses.  

Have a Spa Day

I am combining my solo trip with going to a spa for a day.  There are a couple that I am interested in the area, and I am hoping that I can just relax. 

Never let work burnout get to the point that you start neglecting the other parts of your life.  Find a hobby, take a trip, or do something new where you live. You will feel refreshed and be able to handle clients who have too much time on their hands, team members who aren’t pulling their weight, or crazy deadlines. 

job burnout

Featured Photo by Paul Bulai on Unsplash


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