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Ways I Take Care of Myself When I’m Sick and Still Have to Parent

parenting when sick

Before my son was born, I remember being able to lay in bed all day when I was sick.  I could sleep as much as I wanted to and rest my body.  The last time that happened was 17 years ago.  As a single mother, I can’t stay in bed as before.  I have to get up and take care of the kids. 

They are teenagers now so it’s a little easier to lay down for a bit. However, I still have to chauffeur them around (I can’t WAIT for my son to get his license in March), cook meals, and make sure I am there if they need anything.  Even though I can’t rest 100%, I have found ways to help me get better. 

  1. Rest my eyes whenever possible – As I said before, it’s better now that they are older, but I still have to be a parent. When I had to drive them around to their different activities, I would close my eyes while I waited for them.  If it was nice enough, I remained in the car in the parking lot and closed my eyes or in the sitting area. When they went to bed, I would as well right after. 
  2. Drink tons of fluids, especially hot teas with honey – I tend to suffer from strep throat, so I always made an effort to drink more water and hot teas.  Even though I love dairy, I would try to restrict how much of it I ate or drank during this time. 
  3. Meditate more often – A good friend of mine got me meditating a few years back, and I will always thank him for that.  Whenever I started feeling stressed that I couldn’t rest even if I was really sick, I would take the time to meditate even if it was for a couple of minutes.  This would help me calm my nerves especially during times where I had to be out and about all day.
  4. Eat soup until I felt better – I am a huge fan of eating pho or ramen when I am feeling less than perfect.  There have been studies that chicken noodle soup actually does help make you feel better. I have never liked it since I was a kid, so I prefer pho or ramen.  It will also help build your kids’ palate.  
  5. Ask for help – There was one time that I felt really bad, and so I asked my sister for help.  They came over and helped with the kids. I tend to hate asking for anything because I do not want to be an inconvenience to anyone.  However, I had to put my feelings aside so that I could feel better to be a mother to my children.  I couldn’t in the state I was in, so I had my sister help. If you are a single mother with no family around, see if a friend can help even for an hour. 

I am lucky that I have never gotten severely sick since I’ve had kids except that one time when my sister came to help.  If I do, then hopefully it’s in a month’s time when my son has his license and can run errands and chauffeur his sister around.  

Featured Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash


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