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31-Day Blog Challenge Finding Meaning Growth

31-Day Blog Challenge Starts Now: Introduction

31 day blog challenge

Challenges are huge online.  Whenever I am on any social media platform, the latest challenge is being talked about.  I have always wanted to try one to see if they actually worked so I decided to do a 31-Day Blog Challenge.

I am a 40-year old single mother of two teenagers — a 17-year old and a 15-year old. I had them pretty young. As with everything, there are pros and cons. Having them young, I was able to have the energy to play with them while working full-time and going to school full-time. If I tried that now, I wouldn’t be able to function. They have always been my motivation to keep succeeding because I want them to never feel like they are missing out on not having a stable father. Their father has sporadically come in and out of their lives, but you wouldn’t tell if you talked to him. He is always quick to say he is the best father in the world. I won’t say more because there is no point. In the end, he is the one missing out.

I come from Panama where my entire extended family still lives. I have two sisters, and I am in the middle. It was always nice having to separate my two sisters when they were fighting and making sure the peace was kept. My younger sister and I had a special bond. It still hurts til this day that she is no longer here. I try to keep her memory alive with the kids so they never forget her.

My daughter loves animals, so we’ve had four cats, two guinea pigs, two hermit crabs, and three dogs (not all at the same time). Currently, we are now down to two dogs. One is a six-year Pekingese mix who I adore with all my heart. The second is an 11-month old German Shepherd puppy who is mainly my daughter’s.

I love movies and music of all kinds. If I watch a show, I prefer to only watch it after it’s finished so I can binge watch it. I also love anime and it’s a way to connect to my kids. Reading books is also something that I love. I love being immersed in the story to the point that I have been known to laugh and cry out loud.

Since I was young, I have loved Information Technology (IT). I think it’s because my mom was a Computer Analyst for the government, and she would bring her work home. I would sit with her, and she would teach me while I watched. Therefore, I have always worked in the IT field. My first IT job was as a Help Desk Administrator with Errol’s Internet. I tell my kids that it’s always a good idea to work in different types of jobs because then you will know what you like and not like. I realized that:

  1. I hated working weekends
  2. I hated being on my feet all day
  3. I didn’t really care to call people and try to sell them something or collect on money they owe
  4. I love being at home with my kids
  5. I love helping others achieve their career goals

I went back to school to get my MBA, and I am maybe 45% done with the program. I’ve met some great people, and I am learning a lot so it’s been nothing but positive.

I know this introduction was all over the place, but I am usually pretty bad about talking about myself. Please leave a comment and tell me about you. 😀

Featured Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash


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