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My name is Shevonne Polastre, and I am a single mother of two teens who works as an Engagement Manager in an IT consulting company during the day and an MBA student at night. I started blogging in early 2000. I stopped blogging in 2010 after my sister passed away. My creative juices were blocked, and I could not think about any words to write. Throughout the years, I have missed blogging, but it wasn’t until 2018 that it really hit. I wanted to start blogging again mainly to connect with others.

I will talk about parenting teens, growing as a person, and my career and school journey.  There will be times that I will talk about other things like training my dogs, food, travel, etc. so I hope you do not mind. ?

I decided on blogging about these life topics because when I was searching for how to parent teenagers, especially if they are out-of-control, and working on my career as an MBA student, I could not find much except forums from years ago.  I want to help others, who are dealing with the same life topics, as well as connect with as many people as possible.

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