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My Earliest Childhood Memories

childhood memory

My earliest childhood memory was being in a baby walker and running back and forth in my grandparents’ apartment. My family has always made fun of me because they think it’s impossible that I remember. However, they do remember that I had a baby walker and would constantly be running around the apartment. I’ve always wondered why that was my earliest memory. However, it’s not like I have control over that.

The other childhood memory that I remember is being four and being with my sisters. My younger sister was a baby, and my older one was around nine or ten. My older sister and I would tiptoe to our younger sister’s crib and watch her. It sounds kind of creepy now that I am older, but we were in awe with her.

I also remember my fear of the dark. It happened when there was a fire in the apartment next to ours, and we had to leave. The entire apartment was completely black, and my parents forgot to grab me while I remained alone in an empty apartment. It was only for a few minutes, but it made me always fear the dark.

Being surrounded by my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and family friends are always something that has stayed with me. Watching my older cousin playing soccer, riding on the bike handles, and going to the little store in the neighborhood. It was sad when we moved to the US, and we no longer had our family around. I remember crying the entire plane ride and how helpful the flight attendants were.

I remember how greedy I was with my food, and I still am.  My family had a habit of eating your food while you were eating it, so I was always guarding it.  Even now, I am a bit greedy and will give a stink eye if someone eats something from my plate.

I remember the playroom that my younger sister and I had where we played with our dolls. We even created a show called “That’s What It Happened.” We even had an opening song and would act it out. I think we got to episode 140-something. My dad building us dollhouses, and we thought it was one of the best Christmas gifts ever.

My childhood memories were always filled with my family, and I try to hold on to every memory because, in the end, that is all you have left.

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