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31-Day Blog Challenge

My Guilty Pleasure

My guilty pleasure is watching “Paternity Court” on YouTube. I have always watched Maury Povich’s DNA reveals. However, I was tired of Maury letting the mother yell and insult the potential father. When it was shown, that he was not the father, and the guy would say, “I told you!” Maury always says, “Don’t jump on her.” What I love about “Paternity Court” is that she keeps it real. If the woman lies, Lauren Lake will say something. 

The sad parts about the show that make me feel guilty that I watch are the type of people who are on display. They are usually women with five kids with different fathers, the men have ten kids with various women, men are generally in jail or dead. It makes me sad to see that some people have it rough and are continuing the vicious cycle that they are part of. I do think that Lauren Lake is using this show as a way to educate those people, but maybe it’s cause I am trying to justify why I continue watching.


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