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My Two Proudest Moments

proud moments as mom

My two proudest moments were giving birth to my children. There have been tough times. My son went through a bout of depression when he was in middle school, and my daughter was an out-of-control teenager for a couple of years. However, even with those trying times, the good times outweigh them. All the fantastic experiences that we had as a family, from hiking in a park to swimming with the dolphins, made the bad times not as heartwrenching. Having these two people who you can watch a new anime series with or a new song. They have been my guinea pigs when I want to try cooking food dishes and will honestly tell me if I was successful or not. They are growing up, so I can’t kiss their cheeks and give them countless hugs the way I used to. But, when I want a hug or kiss, I’ll still get one.

No moments have been better than being with my children. They have taught me to be patient, understanding, and strong.


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