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Piercings & Tattoos I Have Gotten Throughout My Life

my tattoos and piercings

I do have a couple of tattoos, and I’ve had piercings throughout my life. I’ve had no regrets, but the nose piercing. Really take time to think about it before you do it. I knew one girl who got a tattoo when she was drunk, and there were significant regrets, so make sure you don’t do this. Here are the piercings and tattoos that I have gotten throughout my life.

Ears Piercings

I had my ears pierced when I was a baby, so I had no say so in this. When I had my own daughter, I decided to let her make the decision to get her ears pierced when she wanted. It’s funny because my son also got his ears pierced. As an adult, I barely wear earrings. I still have the open holes, so if I wanted to, I could wear them.

Nose Piercing

I decided to get my nose pierced when I was 18. For someone thinking of getting it, never go to a mall store to do it. They used a gun and didn’t explain things adequately to me. At that time, I was going to Virginia Commonwealth University. I switched the hoop to a diamond stud. I woke up the next day, and the stud had actually dug into my nose. It was pretty gross. I went to a tattoo and piercing shop near my school, and the woman used a piercing needle to make the hole, and she told me that I had to use the hoop for a few months and then switch to a stud. It only lasted two months, and I removed it. I had a little bump where the piercing was. A few years ago, I went to the dermatologist, and she burnt it off.

Tongue Piercing

When I was around 19, I got my tongue pierced. My sister and I had spent the day at Busch Gardens, and we decided to stay in Virginia Beach because we were pretty close. While we were there, I decided to get my tongue pierced, while my sister got her belly button pierced. The worst mistake that I ever made was getting my tongue pierced when I had to drive 3 ½ hours the next day, and also go to work that same day. My tongue was so swollen, and it was horribly painful. Even now, I can’t imagine how silly I had been to do something like that. For the actual tongue piercing, I loved it and had it until I was about 26. When it hit the wrong way and caused a little hole in my bottom tooth, I decided to remove it.

First Tattoo: Scorpion on Right Breast

My sisters and I decided to get tattoos together. I was born in October and is a Scorpion, so I decided to get a scorpion that was curved to fit my right breast. Purple is my favorite color, so that is the color that I chose. I have a high tolerance for pain due to having excruciating cramps before I had my son (It’s a story in itself). I say this because I didn’t find it painful.

Second Tattoo: Heart with Wings on Neck

Tattoos are addicting. My sister and I decided to get a second one. This time I decided to get a heart with wings spread out on my neck. In the middle of the heart, there is mountain scenery. I did this to represent being free from being bogged down from life. Now that I am typing this, I have not been as open as I wanted to be, so I need to rectify that. I remember that I had a massive crush on the tattoo artist, and he introduced me to Staind and Incubus. The tattoo took 4 ½ hours, and I had to return. Maybe cause I was so in awe with him, I didn’t notice the pain until the second day. When my mom found out, she told me that I’d regret it. Even at 40, I don’t. I work in IT, so you see people with tattoos all the time. Maybe if I worked in a different field, it would be a different story. However, I love my tattoo because it represents what is in my heart.

Do your research and talk to people. I learned to do that cause of my nose piercing experience. For my tattoos, we went to different shops and spoke to people before we chose the one we got our tattoos done at. Richmond also has great tattoo artists, so I was lucky. I remember I went to a tattoo artist in DC for a third tattoo, and he said this intricate tattoo would take 45 minutes. I never went back because it seemed too quick and rushed.

Let me know of any tattoos and piercings you have.


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