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Why I Started a MBA Program

single mom mba program

Yesterday I spent the day in my MBA classes.  It’s great because I am becoming fast friends with a few of the people in my cohort, and I am friendly with the rest of them.  Even though it’s a Saturday spent in a classroom, we all have fun because we feel we are in this together.

There were many reasons that I wanted to get my MBA, but the main one was that it has always been a dream of mine to go back to school and get it.  I had my two kids when I was about between 21-24.  I would actually go to school while I was pregnant, and I had to sit sideways because I couldn’t fit in the seat.  Even though I wanted to continue my education, I knew that there was no way I could start a graduate program with two babies.  I kenw it made sense to wait.

When the kids turned to teenagers, I decided it was the right time.  My criteria for choosing a MBA program was:

  1. Reputable online Executive MBA program but meets in person every so often
  2. Virginia university
  3. Not overly expensive
  4. Tailored for working professional
  5. Didn’t have to take the GMAT

After extensive research, I decided between George Mason University (my alma mater) and James Madison University. However, James Madison University had an Executive MBA so I decided to go with them.  When I was about to start, I got a call that the Executive MBA program wasn’t starting until 2019 so I could either transition to the Information Security MBA program or wait.  JMU’s Information Security MBA program has a great reputation, and I would still have access to the Executive coaches from the Executive MBA program so I decided I would get the best of both worlds.

I started in August 2018, and how it’s structured is that it’s a total of 21 classes.  My cohort and I take a class every eight weeks.  We meet online, but on the last day of class, we meet in the morning with the class we are currently in, and then in the afternoon, we start the next class.  It can get crazy, but I am glad that I made the decision. 

If you are thinking about going back to school, you have to really think about what makes sense for you.  For me, it made sense to wait for my kids to be teenagers, but there were others that decided to do it when their kids were babies and toddlers so they could get it over with before they got into elementary school.

I want to eventually start my own business or get to the C-suite.  Even though there are have been tons of reports saying there is no need to go to business school, I still feel I made the right decision. 

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Featured Photo by Kimberly Farmer on Unsplash


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